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Dishwasher accessories

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Miele GGU
Glass insert for G5000/6000 lower basket For very tall, long-stem glasses.For additional safety and ..
Miele GBU
Small cutlery basket for lower basket For bulky items such as cake servers and whisks.Bulky items ca..
Miele GFU
Bottle holder for lower basket For baby bottles, bottles, vases and much more. Variable use in the l..
Miele GBU
Cutlery basket - G5000/6000 lower basket for bulky items such as ladles and whisks.For Miele Generat..
Miele GGO
Insert for glasses for the height-adjustable upper basket.Can only be used on the rightSuitable for ..
Miele GCEO
Miele Cappuccinatore insert in the upper dishwasher basketSpecial insert provides perfect space for ..
Miele UBS G 60-1
Dishwasher building-under kit for the perfect installation of a built-under freestanding dishwasher...
Miele GGU
Glass insert for lower basket For very tall, long-stem glasses.Guaranteed best dishwashing results ..
Miele GFV 60/60-1
Int. front panel: W x H, 60 x 60 cm with CleanSteel finish for integrated dishwashers.Perfect design..
Miele GFVi 609/72-1
Int. front panel: W x H, 60 x 72 cm CleanSteel with handle in Classic Design for fully integrated di..
Miele GFVi 612/72-1
Int. front panel: W x H, 60 x 72 cm ContourLine design for fully integrated dishwashers. Perfect des..
Miele GFVi 613/72-1
Int. front panel: W x H, 60 x 72 cm PureLine design for fully integrated dishwashers.  Perfect..